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Poros - Panorama


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Sights in Poros

Poros - Archaeological Museum of Poros Archaeological Museum of Poros
"The archaeological museum of Poros has exhibitions in the ground and first floor where you can see exhibits that cove..." read more »
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Poros - Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi
"The monastery of Zoodohou Pigis, the Life-Giving Fountain, is located four kilometres east of the city of Poros. It w..." read more »
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Poros - Russian Naval Station Russian Naval Station
"It is built amphitheatrically on a pine cove, on the west side of the port of Poros. When Russians won the war agains..." read more »
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Poros - Beaches of Poros Beaches of Poros
"Poros even though is a rather small island has many beaches and some of them are unique. Some of them are very close ..." read more »
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Poros - Sanctuary of Poseidon Sanctuary of Poseidon
"The temple of Poseidon on Poros is built at an altitude of 190 meters above sea level. It is considered that the plac..." read more »
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Population: 3.993
Description: Poros is located close to Athens, just 58 km from the port of Piraeus, and consists of two islands, Sferia, which is of volcanic origin, and Kalavria, the largest piece on the north. The two parts are connected by a bridge. There is evidence that the island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, while the Kalavria there was a place of worship of the god Poseidon. During the period of the Ottoman Empire in Poros was the naval base of the Russian Navy, which had warehouses and used the island as a supply base.

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