You probably won't avoid passing by the capital. The cradle of Western thinking, Athens is a vibrant city rich with history, arts, and nightlife.

A photo showing the rock of acropolis and the Monastiraki Square in central Athens.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Athens Museums

A few devices and a piece of armor and written explanations on the wall.
photo: tiqets
hidden gem

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology - Kotsanas

In the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, you feel like you entered a cool documentary. Some serious educational material. Prepare for a memorable visit.

The National Observatory of Athens is a crème-color neoclassic building with a dome inside the woods.
photo: Gary Todd

National Observatory of Athens

Wanna have a look at Jupiter and Mars? The historic National Observatory is still open and gives tours on its premises and if the sky allows planet gazing.


Acropolis Museum

This award-winning museum hosts findings and artifacts from Acropolis and its buildings, as well as from other areas of ancient Athens.


Athens War Museum

Learn about the evolution of the Greek nation through its wars and military history, and lay your eyes on numerous battle devices equipment and weapons.


Museum of Cycladic Art

The four floors of the Museum of Cycladic Art will take you on a journey into the evolution of arts. Detailed explanations and excellent multimedia.

Showcase with stunning jewelry probably made of gold and a sign with explanations.
photo: tiqets

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

Hosting over 4500 jewelry pieces, the exhibition of Ilias Lalaounis is inspired by ancient Greece, the Vikings, nature, and modern technology.


Hellenic Motor Museum

In a 4000sq.m. building with distinctive design, the Hellenic Motor Museum illustrates automobile evolution through 110 old and new cars, and other exhibits.


Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

The Benaki Museum of Greek Culture is a collection of artifacts from all periods of Greek history presented in a chronological order.

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Athens Attractions

The portico of Athens' academy and two columns are topped with statues.
photo: Vanessa Linzenbold
hidden gem

Academy of Athens

Athens' Academy is housed in an impressive neo-classic building, the entrance of which is modelled after ancient Greek temple. Very central. Good for pics.

An aerial view of the Acropolis Hill and Plaka in the midst of a densely populated modern Athens.
photo: Public Domain
must visit

Acropolis of Athens

A natural fortress, this hill is home to Athena's Temple, the Parthenon. It is the symbol of classical Greece and Western civilization.

The front part and the entrance of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens.
must visit

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

This cultural center hosts a series of interesting events, the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera, and has a massive park.

Stones from ancient columns and Hephaestus temple (Thiseion)  in a park with trees.
photo: Jebulon

Ancient Agora of Athens

At Athens ancient marketplace you also find Hephaestus temple, an odeum, altars and statues. Best take a tour guide to know what you are looking at.

The Greek Monument to the Unknown Soldier depicts a hoplite fallen by his shield.
photo: Jebulon

Monument to the Unknown Soldier

On Sundays, it's worth to watch the ceremonial change of guard at 11am. Otherwise, guards change with less pompous proceedings every hour.


Panathenaic (Kallimarmaro) Stadium

The Ancient reconstructed stadium hosted sport competitions of the First Modern Olympic Games in 1896 and welcomed the UEFA Euro Champions in 2004.


Catholic Cathedral of St. Dionysius the Areopagite

Athens' Catholic Cathedral is a piece of neo-renaissance architecture. It first opened its doors in 1865. English Mass on Sundays at 6:30 or check online.

The Panagia Kapnikarea old church of brown shades in front of taller buildings.
photo: George E. Koronaios

Panagia Kapnikarea Church

The 1050 Byzantine Kapnikarea Church is today amidst a busy commercial Ermou street. Notice how, over time, the city has grown higher around it.

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Athens Things to Do

A girl smokes and friends chat at sunset on Areopagus Hill.
must visit

Areopagus Hill

Take a few beers and head to Areopagus for sunset and into the night. Groups of friends, guitars, and a first-row view of Acropolis. Fun and contemplation.

A panoramic view of the hill of Lycabettus among the buildings of the city of Athens.
photo: Graham-H

Lycabettus Hill

This characteristic 277-meters hill in Athens offers a great view over the Athenian city landscape and is topped by a monastery and a viewpoint yard.


Filopappou Hill

Filopappou Hill is locals' favorite spot for a breath of fresh air in the center of the city. Named after the monument erected by Roman consul Philopappos.


Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

Topping the list of Athens' experience tourism, at Dora Stratou Dance Theatre you have fun learning and watching traditional dances.


Technopolis of Gazi

Contemporary cultural complex in an formerly industrial area of Athens center, popular thanks to the number and variety of events hosted here.


Allou! Fun Park

The biggest amusement park in Greece offers entertainment and loads of adrenaline-inducing experiences whole year round.

A woman is posing with her phone in hand in front of the Greek parliament on the top deck of a hop on hop off bus.
photo: tiqets
low rating

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Athens

Most often, an easy and effective way to get quick a panorama of Athens' attractions. Use the audio guidance and hop off at places you want to explore further.

A street with colorful houses in the old traditional district of Plaka in central Athens.
photo: JFKennedy

Plaka Neighborhood of Athens

The oldest district in island architecture of the last century is characterized by its village-like environment, tranquility, and great tavernas.

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Athens Why visit?

  • One of the oldest cities worldwide and the oldest European capital.
  • Hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1886.
  • Athenians established the first democratic government in 508–507 BC.

Athens Beaches

Some facilities built on Schinias beach. The beach has small pebbles and sand.
distant ≈ 45km

Schinias Beach


Sandy and shallow, Schinias is a long beach ideal for families. It is close to the historical city of Marathon and the national park.

A beach bar on Anavyssos beach with dozens of umbrellas and sunbeds under a blue sky.
distant ≈ 46.3km

Anavyssos Beach

Anavyssos beach is organized and has beach bars. There is a playground and waters are shallow - the perfect escape for families with kids.

Two rocks and a long sandy beach with loungers at Asteras (Astir) Beach of Vouliagmeni in Attica.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0
distant ≈ 26.1km

Asteras (Astir) Beach


Exclusive to AstirVouliagmenis Resort, this sandy beach is set up for glamour and opulence attracting mostly rich Athenians.

A panoramic image showing the Avlaki Beach at Porto Rafti under a hill covered with bushes.
photo: Ossony / CC BY-SA 4.0
distant ≈ 41km

Avlaki Beach

Porto Rafti

Avlaki is a long, sand-and-pebble, well-organized beach that is usually crowded. There are beach bars offering amenities, and a lifeguard.

People enjoying the sun, the sand, and the good weather at Varkiza Beach of Attica.
distant ≈ 25.8km

Varkiza Beach


At Varkiza, the sandy beach is fully-organized. It's usually crowded during the weekends and it can be easily accessed by public transport.

The seafront promenade at Nea Makri is built by the sandy beach.
distant ≈ 35.7km

Mprexiza Beach

Nea Makri

Mprexiza beach is an organized, sandy, small-pebble beach with amenities like public showers and changing rooms, and a few beach bars.

Facilities of the Mavro Lithari Beach Bar by the sea of Anavyssos.
distant ≈ 42.8km

Mavro Lithari Beach


Mavro Lithari is a pebble-and-sand, urban beach with bars by the wave. Note that it's usually crowded, especially during weekends.

A picture of Akti Vouliagmenis Beach with a few straw umbrellas and a long sandy expanse.
photo: Mister No / CC BY 3.0
distant ≈ 25.8km

Vouliagmeni Beach

Vouliagmeni Beach is organized, sandy and clean. Naturally, it's a favorite escape for Athenians during weekends, and so it's often crowded.

Athens Festivals

The finishing line of the Athens Marathon in the Panathenaic Stadium.
distant ≈ 39km
temp. closed

Athens Marathon (The Authentic)

Contemporary annual long-distance race that revives the run of Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the victory over the Persians in 490BC.

Crowd in front of the stage of the Rockwave Festival at TerraVibe park in Malakasa.
photo: Thaliapap
distant ≈ 40.6km
temp. closed

Rockwave Festival

TerraVibe Malakasa

A few kilometers out of Athens, this rock music festival attracts world-class famous bands. It is the biggest music festival in Greece.