On a peninsula of volcanic origin, here you can enjoy thermal springs, geological formations, and beautiful beaches. It's an ideal place for families.

Methana Things to Do


Methana Volcano Peak

A short hike of about 30 minutes. What remains of the volcano is just a conical rock but the views along the way are worth it.


Peristeri (Pigeon) Cave

An unexpected cave 50 meters from the road with a water source and two underground ponds. Getting there is a bit tricky and needs attention.

A road sign showing the way to Pausanias Baths at Agios Nikolaos on Methana.
photo: Upp75 / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Pausanias Baths

Springs described by ancient geographer Pausanias and renovated by a local enterprise in 2020. It has a mini pool by the sea.

Methana Why visit?

  • Convenient to visit from Piraeus and Athens.
  • A somewhat volcanic landscape, if you know where to look.
  • Spa region since antiquity.

Methana Settlements

Methana Town

On the Aegean ring of fire and several volcanic sites nearby, Methana is a bath town that attracts visitors already since the 19th century.



At the foothills of an old volcano, Vathi is a small fishing village, ideal for truly tranquil and quiet vacations by the sea.