«Zoodohos Pigi» Monastery

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The Monastery of the Life-giving Spring is built close to the coast on a pine-covered slope and it is fully fortified with strong high walls.

The monastery of Zoodohou Pigis, or the Life-giving Spring monastery, is located approximately 4 kilometers east of the city of Poros. It was founded in 1720 by the Archbishop of Athens, Jacob the Second and it was officially finished and received by the Archbishop of Constantinople Paisios the Second in 1733.

During the War of Independence it was supporting the Greek revolutionists, as well as offering them refuge. In 1828, Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Kapodistrias opened an orphanage for kids who lost their parents during the War of Independence. In 1830 a school for priests opened here, in an attempt to staff Greece with educated priests.

The iconostasis of the main church of the monastery is of great artistic value, covered with gold while the degrees of its leaning offers a great acoustic to the church.

About «Zoodohos Pigi» Monastery

Last updated: 18 Aug 2020

address Moni Zoodochou Pigis Kalavrias, Poros, 180 20, Greece
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