Without many visitors, this rugged-rock island is optimal for hiking and beach time. No wonder the Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was born here.

Kythira Beaches

A panoramic picture showing one part of the Kaladi Beach of Kythira island.
hidden gem

Kaladi Beach

One of Kythira's most picturesque beaches, Kaladi is sliced in two by a rock. However, the two beaches are linked by a naturally-formed passage.


Diakofti Beach

A white fine-sand beach with shallow waters - kids' favorite. Close to Kythira port, Diakofti has beach bars that offer all amenities you may seek.


Chalkos Beach

At the foot of rocky hills, Chalkos is a scenic beach with fantastic sea. It's busy and a small beach bar provides services and plays music.


Melidoni Beach

A sandy beach sandwiched between rocky hills with vista on a wild-rock islet. A highly-rated beach bar provides services. Be on the lookout for parties.


Kapsali Beach

Organized beach in the wind-protected bay of Kapsali. Small pebbles, crystal waters, scenic views but it can also get crowded.


Agia Pelagia Beach

The Agia Pelagia beach has bars and water sport options. Waters are shallow and clear, the sand is grey and thin, and tree shade is a favorite.


Fourni Beach

A picturesque bay at the north with a beach bar. Small pebbles, clean waters, often windy, and relatively quiet. Fourni is a decent beach.

Kythira Settlements

Chora of Kythira

The main settlement of the island has typical Greek-style architecture, and offers outstanding views and a relaxed atmosphere.



Less than 2 kilometers away from Chora is the port of Kythira. Nightlife here is lively and tavernas offer exceptional food.



This traditional village with about 50 inhabitants is revived during summer when the younger generation returns to visit their elderly.

Agia Pelagia


With a well-organized grey sand beach, plenty of accommodation, and entertainment choices this village is an ideal destination.

Kythira Why visit?

  • Birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.
  • A marriage of Venetian and Greek cultures.
  • Together with other Venetian lands, Napolean annexed the island to France.

Kythira Things to Do

A picture from the inner yard of Mirtidia Monastery on the island of Kythira.
photo: Nsougia2 at English Wikipedia
hidden gem

Mirtidia Monastery

The largest monastery of the island hosts a hagiography icon of "Mary of the Myrtles" believed to be miraculous - its most valuable heirloom.