Without cars or motorbikes, the tranquility of this island is unmatched. A short trip from Athens, this cosmo island is Athenians' favorite escape.

An aerial photo showing the old port and a part of Spetses settlement.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Spetses Beaches

An aerial photo of the Agii Anargiri beach on the island of Spetses
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Agii Anargiri Beach

One of Spetses most popular beaches, Agii Anargiri has water sports equipment rentals, beach bars, and restaurants. The waters are exotically blue.


Agios Mamas Beach

Spetses Town

The beach of Spetses town is tiny and cute. It has easy access to nearby cafés and restaurants but you won't find sunbeds and umbrellas.

People on sunbeds at the Agia Marina (Paradise) Beach of Spetses.
low rating

Agia Marina (Paradise) Beach

Tiny, cosmopolitan, fully-organized. Agia Marina is a sandy beach close to the port. Note: it seems that it's not the best value for money.

Spetses Attractions


Bouboulina's Statue

Spetses Port

The statue honors Laskarina Boubilina, the only female admiral ever, that contributed greatly to the cause of Greek Independence.


Spetses Lighthouse

The first lighthouse in Greece, it was built in 1837. It's situated in a beautiful area ideal for a walk.

Spetses Why visit?

  • Its ancient name was Pityoussa.
  • Island with long maritime tradition that helped the 1821 Greek Revolution.
  • A car-free island!

Spetses Things to Do

An aerial photo of the Bekiri Cave at Agii Anargiri on Spetses.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Bekiri Cave

Agii Anargiri

At the edge of Agii Anargiri beach and 500 meters from the homonymous chapel, there is a cave with an underground lake and a small beach.


Outdoor Cinema «Ciné Titania»

A summer cinema founded in the 60s. It has a sliding roof but it's mostly open. Try to get the front seats as they are spacious.