Elatochóri Ski Center

Experience between Veria and Katerini

A relatively new ski resort located close to a historic and picturesque village. It is small but good enough for a few days.

Elatochori is a mountainous village in the prefecture of Pieria and includes the only ski resort of the prefecture. The village is built at an altitude of 780 meters (2560 feet) above sea level and has a population of approximately 533 inhabitants (census 2011). The old settlement that was built on a lower level than the new one was named Skouterna during the Ottoman period due to the fabrics that were fabricated there. In 1928 it was renamed to Elatousa due to the spruce trees that grow there and in 1940 received its contemporary name.

The village of Elatochori is located 29 kilometers from the city of Katerini while its distance from Thessaloniki is 105 kilometers and from Athens, it is 474 kilometers away. The settlement is characterized by traditional architecture and a great history both from the Ottoman era and the German occupation. More specifically, the visitor can find at the village a monument that was erected in memory of the 32 inhabitants who were executed by the Germans.

The ski resort of Elatochori dates from 2000 and officially it opened to the public in 2001. It can be reached within a distance of 8 kilometers from the village and it is extended to an area that varies in altitude between 1.400 and 1.800 meters above the sea level. The wooden chalet of the resort is a beautiful building of 450 square meters, while among the facilities there is a shop where someone can rent ski equipment.

As it can be easily understood, the construction of the ski resort transformed Elatochori to a well-known winter destination that attracts plenty of tourists. This was followed by the creation of contemporary infrastructure like roads, restaurants, and hotels that can accommodate the increasing numbers of guests.

About Elatochóri Ski Center

Last updated: 23 Aug 2020

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