Royal Burial Cluster of Philip II, Vergina

Attraction near Veria (14.7km ≈ approx.)

The tomb of King Philip II, Alexander's father, is open to public. There is also an exhibition of items recovered from the tomb. Totally worth a trip.

Vergina is a small town of northern Greece with approximately 2.500 inhabitants that is famous for the archaeological site of ancient Aigai that was first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom. The archaeological site that is one of the most significant of the ancient Greek history is visitable and it is located 13 kilometers from the city of Veria and approximately 80 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

The excavations started at the end of the 19th century by the French archaeologist L.Heuzey. They were continued by the professor of archaeology Konstantinos Romaios in the '30s after the area of Macedonia gained its freedom from the Ottoman Empire. Then, there was a break due to World War II and finally, 1977 was the time for the greatest of the discoveries.

The professor of archaeology Manolis Andronikos was convinced that a hill called Great Tumulus had something interesting to reveal. Then after a six-week excavation, he discovered the arched tombs of the Kings of Macedonia. Those were belonging to king Philipppos the Second, the father of Alexander the Great. and Alexander IV, the son of Alexander the Great and Roxani.

The main spots to be included in a visit of Vergina are the palace and the theatre of the ancient city of Aigai, as well as the famous tombs of the kings. The whole area is formed in such a way that the guests can first visit the palace and the theatre and then go on an underground tour in order to see the tombs from the inside. There is also an integrated underground museum that includes exhibitions with jewelry and artifacts found inside the tombs. Among the most well-known findings are the golden wreath of Philippos the Second, his golden gaiters and the golden reliquary with the "Sun of Vergina" on it.

Since 1996 Vergina is enlisted as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO and attracts plenty of visitors who wish to expand their knowledge about Macedonian history.

About Royal Burial Cluster of Philip II, Vergina

Last updated: 19 Aug 2020

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