Old Monastery of St. Dionysios of Olympus

Experience near Litochoro (9.3km ≈ approx.)

At the foothills of the highest Greek mountain, this monastery stands out for its beauty and relics. There is a small cave-church within walking distance.

On Mount Olympus, there are many monasteries in many places and villages of the mountain. The most important and famous amongst the monasteries is this of St Dionysios of Olympus.

Today the new monastery is located 4 kilometers away from Litochoro. While initially, it was built in 1542 in a spot 17 kilometers away from the settlement.

In 1943 it was destroyed by Nazis and the new monastery was built at its current location. The monks that live in the new monastery today are approximately 24 and follow the program of the monasteries of Mount Athos. The monastery is open from sunrise to sunset and celebrates on January 23rd, at the name day of St. Dionysios.

The old monastery is renovated and since it is located in a magical area in the woods, attracts numerous faithful and other visitors.

About Old Monastery of St. Dionysios of Olympus

Last updated: 23 Jul 2020

address Litochoro, 602 00, Greece