Flegga Lakes

Experience near Metsovo (18.1km ≈ approx.)

Stunning mountainous lakes on the subalpine highlands of Valia Kalda, that can be reached through 3 different hiking trails.

Lakes Flega or Drakolimnes are located at an altitude of 1960 and 1940 meters respectively on Mavrovouni Mountain. The landscape at this altitude is alpine, while the lakes keep their waters throughout the year.

The lakes communicate with each other, as the waters of the higher lake feed the lower lake. They are inhabited by frogs and the protected species called alpine newts. Alpine newts are vertebrate amphibians believed to date back to the era of the dinosaurs. They reach up to 10 cm in length and their color is grayish and brownish-black, while they feed on aquatic creatures.

Why Flega lakes are also called Drakolimnes?

According to the legend the two dragons of Pindos lived on the peaks of Smolikas and Gamila and throwing rocks and logs at each other. The combination of this myth and the fact that many alpine newts (resembling small dragons) live in the lakes Flega gave the name Drakolimnes (dragon lakes) to the lakes.

There are three different trails that reach the lakes from various routes, walking through Valia Calda and enjoying nature.

About Flegga Lakes

Last updated: 17 Apr 2021

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