Watermill of Ginas

Metsovo Attraction

Taking advantage of the water power of Arachthos river, it was for centuries the major flour supplier of Metsovo.

Very close to Metsovo it is situated the watermill of Ginas. It is on the river of Arachthos and it is one of the most famous watermills in the region.

The village of Metsovo, the watermill, and the Monastery of Panagia, that is also nearby, are interconnected with a picturesque cobbled alley. The watermill was used for many centuries in order to grind grain by using the force of the river water that was turning the millstone.

The mill was declared a historical monument, while it was renovated in 1997, in order to start welcoming visitors.

About Watermill of Ginas

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020