Metsovo Folk Art Museum (Tossizza Mansion)

Metsovo Museum

In a mansion of the 17th century that was later transformed into a museum you can find out about Metsovo's history and the elites' lifestyle.

A room with traditional items as exhibits in the Folklore Museum of Metsovo (Tossizza Mansion).
photo: Dimkoa

Quite close to the center of Metsovo the visitor can find the Museum of Folk Art of the village.

It hosts a large number of artifacts people were using in their everyday lives. Some of them are art items of great value, while others like tools and instruments describe the jobs, the habits, and the pace of life of the village inhabitants.

The museum is housed in the renovated Tositsa building which is a traditional mansion of Metsovo that was built following the traditional architecture.

About Metsovo Folk Art Museum (Tossizza Mansion)

Last updated: 28 Feb 2021

address Tositsa 27, Metsovo, 442 00, Greece