Zosimaia Library

Attraction in Ioannina

One of the largest Greek libraries hosts events and exhibitions. This place has previously housed a mosque and public baths.

Right in the city center, at the intersection of Markou Botsari and Eleftheriou Venizelou streets, there is a real jewel of Ioannina, Zosimaia library. It is the central library of the city and its impact on the cultural and intellectual progress of Ioannina is undoubted. It dates from 1828 when the Zosimaia School was founded by the Zosimades brothers.

It has more than 100.000 books, 350 journals, and archives of vinyl records, as well as videotapes and digital archives. In addition, it includes 12 hand scripts from the 12th century which have a great archaeological value. A large part of this great collection comes from the donations of Spyros Lamprou, Archimandrite Antoniadis, Alexander Pallis, and many others.

The guests can have access to almost all books and archives, especially those in electronic form. Some other books can also be read on a specially designed space, while there is also a lending department.

About Zosimaia Library

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020

address Mark. Mpotsari & El. Venizelou, Ioannina, 454 44, Greece
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