Lake of Ioannina (Pamvotida)

Experience in Ioannina

The Pamvotida or Ioannina lake has an otherworldly aura thanks to its sky reflections, mist, and quietness. Don't forget your camera.

Pamvotis or Pamvotida is the official name of the lake from ancient times, while its name means literally "the lake that can feed everyone". Today though, it is most commonly referred to as the "Lake of Ioannina".

The lake's surface is 470 meters above sea level and its maximum depth reaches 11 meters in some places. While the water of the lake derives from springs on mountain Mitsikeli. Recherches show that the level of the water had many fluctuations during the last 10.000 years. Today the shores are full of trees and the lake creates a unique ecosystem in the region, with many different species of plants and animals.

Which are the local dishes of Ioannina?

The area of Ioannina is well-known for its delicious food. This is highly related to the fish, the eels, the crayfish as well as for the fried frog legs. The lake is of course the source of the raw material, while the numerous tavernas of the city offer to the visitors a trip to extraordinary tastes.

The lake hosts a fish hatchery (breeding station) from which lakes and rivers of Greece are supplied with broodstock. This municipal firm breeds a number of Russian sturgeon and produces some quantities of Greek caviar, while it exports sturgeon broods to fish farms mainly abroad.

Visitors of Ioannina shouldn’t miss the opportunity to walk next to the lake or sit in one of the cafeterias and enjoying the coffee and the view! Another attraction related to the lake is the small island, where Ali Pasha used to live until his murder in 1822. It is definitely among the "must" attractions that someone should see during a visit to the city.

About Lake of Ioannina (Pamvotida)

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

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