Edessa Waterfalls

Edessa Attraction

A walk by running waterfalls has relaxing effects, especially if you visit early morning. It's a place for mindfulness and photography.

Today the waterfalls of Edessa is a well-known landmark, but this was not always the case. It was previously covered by dense vegetation, which made access very difficult. After a big reconstruction project, the landscape has been developed in a marvelous way that today it is possible for the visitors to walk behind the waterfall.

The water of the waterfall is fully controlled by the Public Electricity and Water Corporation and supplies two power plants, the plant of Agra and the plant Edesseos.

The air in the region due to the waterfalls is fresh and creates a healthy environment. On sunny days the water droplets with the sun create rainbows while at night the lighting creates beautiful views.

About Edessa Waterfalls

Last updated: 23 Aug 2020

address Tsimiski 2, Edessa, 582 00, Greece