Traditional District «Varosi»

Edessa Attraction

A traditional district with typical Macedonian and Balkan architecture. An ideal destination for strolling in the streets taking pictures.

The Varosi district is located in the city center. It is one of the most historic areas, as it was one of three Christian neighborhoods during the Ottoman occupation of Edessa. The whole area keeps its character and preserves the traditional Macedonian architecture.

It started to be built by the Christian population after 1389 and the fall of Edessa to Ottoman troops, while it is located in the area of the ancient acropolis of the city. During the Second World War and due to its location, the houses were used by the Resistance forces due to the easy access to the plains for escaping. This resulted in its total destruction by the Nazi Germans in 1944.

Today, many of the buildings of the neighborhood have been restored giving Varosi its former special character.

About Traditional District «Varosi»

Last updated: 6 Sep 2020