Weaving Museum of Arnaia

Arnaia Museum

Shedding light to the distinctive textile art tradition of Arnaia that was an important source of income for the locals throughout centuries.

The Weaving Museum of Arnaia aims to shed light on the textile art which was one of the most important occupations of the Arnaia inhabitants and for many centuries was a part of their culture and tradition.

The museum is housed in a traditional two-story building that used to be a private house dating from 1870. The building was restored and renovated from the municipality in order to host the Weaving Museum.

The exhibition includes items that are characterized by their functionality and art. The artistic value of its weaving products made Arnaia a famous center of textile art throughout Greece. The displayed artifacts offer an overview of the process that starts from the processing of the wool and continues to the creating of weavers. The calligraphic carpets (pantes) that were decorating the walls are among the highlight exhibits of the museum.

About Weaving Museum of Arnaia

Last updated: 14 Sep 2020