Clock Tower of Arachova

Arachova Attraction

The stone-built landmark stands imposing on a rock. It's excellent for pictures under different lights and aspects.

One of the best ways to admire Arachova and truly appreciate its beauty is by walking around its streets. The traditional architecture and the wild landscape of the peaks of Parnassos mountain create a unique scenery. On the steep rock named Tirias, there is the famous tower with the clock.

The clock tower is the absolute trademark and one of the most photographed attractions of Arachova. During the night it is illuminated, and being visible from all the directions it gets even a more impressive notion.

It is a structure of the 18th century that used to be the belfry of the cathedral of the Virgin Mary that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1870. Later in 1908, the clock mechanism was added to the tower and the clock tower got its current use that keeps until today.

It is related to the historical evolution of Arachova during the decades. Among others, it was serving as a natural cooling-place for food and the local cheese before the coming of electricity, while during the German Occupation it was a hiding spot for inhabitants participating in the national resistance.

About Clock Tower of Arachova

Last updated: 22 Jul 2020