Fair of Arachova

Arachova Festival

The "Panigyraki" as it's called locally is a distinctive festival of St. George who according to the legend assisted in the battle against the Ottomans.

Panygiraki is one of the most interesting festivals in the whole region of Central Greece. It takes place during the celebration of the Patron Saint of Arachova St. George and lasts for three days.

Most of the celebrations take place at or nearby the church of St. George, which erected in 1676 on the highest spot of the village. The number of people participating together with the traditions, the local dances and songs show the importance of those celebrations for the community of Arachova.

The visitor has the unique opportunity to experience events like "the dance of elders", wrestling, as well as other distinctive customs that derive directly from the Byzantine era while some others have their roots in ancient Greece.

About Fair of Arachova

Last updated: 22 Jul 2020