Church St. George

Arachova Attraction

You won't find any blood stains here anymore but on the 264 stairs of this church a battle of the Greek Independence War took place.

A photo showing the front side and the main entrance of the Church St. George of Arachova.
photo: G Da / CC BY-SA 3.0

The church of St George stands at one of the highest points of the village. There are many hand scripts that prove the existence of the church in 1676, so its actual foundation should be sometime earlier.

There are 264 steps that lead the guest to the yard of the church. This is actually a spot where some parts of the battle of 1826 took place. In fact, on the walls of the church, numerous bullet holes are still visible until our days. On the interior, there are Byzantine frescoes of Saints and an impressive wooden temple.

About Church St. George

Last updated: 19 Feb 2021