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Santorini - Hotel overlooking


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Sights in Santorini

Santorini - Oia Oia
"Oia is considered by most to be on the best spot of all Santorini, the northwest part. The local architecture is abso..." read more »
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Santorini - Santorini's sunset Santorini's sunset
"Saying that the sunset of Santroni is its most famous characteristic of the island wouldn't be an exaggeration since ..." read more »
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Santorini - Nea Kameni Nea Kameni
"Nea Kameni is an island made from volcanic activity in the centre of Caldera and it is called "The Volcano" by locals..." read more »
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Santorini - Ancient Thira Ancient Thira
"It’s the ancient settlement of Santorini and it was founded in the 9th century BC. It is located in Mesa Vouno, 385 m..." read more »
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Santorini - Fira Fira
"Fira is the most central and the most visited spot of the island. It is located right on the Caldera, the underwater ..." read more »
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Santorini - Local dishes Local dishes
"It is known that Santorini is one of the best places to enjoy good food. If you go to Santorini you should definitely..." read more »
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Santorini - Palaia Kameni Palaia Kameni
"Palaia Kameni is a smaller volcanic island than Nea Kameni, also in the centre of Caldera. It was formed from lava du..." read more »
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Santorini - Local wines Local wines
"An undeniable legacy of the land of Santorini is the vines. The tradition of making wine and the knowledge how passes..." read more »
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Santorini - Representation of the exlosion Representation of the exlosion
"Every year, around the end of August, local authorities host the representation of the explosion of the volcano, a ce..." read more »
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Santorini - Easter traditions Easter traditions
"Apart from a famous tourist destination, Santorini is still a typical Cycladic island in terms of interesting traditi..." read more »
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Population: 13.670
Airport(s): Santorini National (JTR)
Description: This world famous Aegean sea isle belongs to the island cluster of Cyclades. Located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea south west of Ios and Anafi. The distance from Piraeus is 128 nautical miles and from Crete 63 nautical miles. Santorini is famous for its volcano which is still active although the last volcanic activity was recorded in 1950 and is part of the wider arc of volcanic Santorini which includes the Methanon of Milos and Nisyros all marked as active. Volcanoes of the broader area of Santorini's are, "Nea Kameni" and the last period of increased activity between 1707-1711 AD, the "Palea Kameni" (46-47AD) and the underwater volcano Columbo (1650 AD). Historically, the strongest recorded eruption placed in 1613 BC when a large part of the island sank, creating the current caldera, while noting the destructive consequences for the Minoan civilization thrived on the island of Crete. The name Thera derived from the name of the Spartan according to tradition, who was first man that populated the island. On the other hand, the name Santorini is a paraphrase of "Santa Irina" and came from the Frankish crusaders who based their supply docks near the ancient church of Agia Irini. It is worth noting that even as a prehistoric island's name refers to the "Stroggili" which means "round" which refers to the shape of the island before the huge explosion. Nowadays Santorini is one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide. Throughout the year the island's airport and port is used by thousands of guests. Santorini is destination included in many bucket lists and one thing is certain, you will be enchanted by the beauty and you will not be left untouched by its romance. This is also topped by the unmatched top service by the locals for which there are especially proud.

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