Archaeological Museum of Paros

Paros Museum

The small but interesting museum hosts excavation findings from Paros and Antiparos. It take about 30-40 minutes and the entrance fee is very cheap.

The Archaeological Museum of Paros began to be built in the '50s on an area granted by the Municipality of the island. A second hall that was added to its original room houses the atrium but still, many exhibits are hosted in small space.

What are the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Paros?

Many of the exhibits derived from the rescue excavations were started in 1986 by the Zafeiropoulos couple. They are findings dating from the Neolithic Age to the early Christian times.

Parts of the exhibition are marble sculptures that are prominent works of Parian workshops. For their construction of which the "lihnitis" was used, as the famous Parian marble is called.

More specifically some of the exhibits are:

  • findings of pottery and marble sculpture
  • sarcophagus of classical and Roman times
  • mosaics found in Panagia Ekatontapyliani
  • marble statue of Gorgous
  • marble statue of the Victory of Paros
  • marble statue of daughter with the tunic
  • Cycladic figurines
  • marble colossal statue of Artemis
  • reliefs from the monument of the poet Archilochus

About Archaeological Museum of Paros

Last updated: 24 Apr 2021

address Christoi Konstavtopoiloi 2, Paros, 844 00, Greece
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