Arapitsa River

Naousa Imathia Attraction

Sourcing from the mountain, passing through the forest into the old industrial area and the center of the town, this river has a few interesting treks.

Arapitsa is a river that crosses the city of Naoussa. It is one of the few rivers in the greek territory that bears a female name.

After the revolution of the Greek population of Naousa in terms of the Battle of Independence against the Ottomans, 20000 warriors of the Turkish army sieged the city. The Greek defenders were not more than 5000 and after numerous heroic battles, they failed to confront one of the attacks.

Thus, on the 22nd of April 1822, the enemies entered the city and started to destroy it. Women and children, instead of falling into the hands of the Turks, preferred to commit suicide falling over the waterfall of Arapitsa in the area of Stoubani. In this way, the river of the town connects its name with the sacrifice of its inhabitants. Today, the area close to the waterfall hosts a monument that can be visited all around the year.

About Arapitsa River

Last updated: 20 Aug 2020