Nafplion Komboloi Museum

Nafplio Museum

A truly unique museum exhibiting worry beads. These are strings of beads to keep fingers busy. Buy one if you're quitting smoking.

The rosary museum of Nafplio is unique in its kind. It was opened in 1998 by the Evangelinos family, a family with expertise, knowledge, and tradition regarding the history of the worry beads. The grandfather Evangelinos who was a resident of Alexandria, Egypt, was the first who came in contact with worry beads from all over the world and acquired knowledge that he bequeathed to his descendants.

The worry bead history through various exhibits

The museum of the worry beads of Nafplio hosts religious objects of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, as well as the famous Catholic rosaries and the rosary-like "komvoskini" from orthodox monasteries. All those religious items are believed to be the forerunners of the worry beads.

The museum collection is housed on the first floor, while on the ground floor is the workshop, where handmade worry beads are made, family heirlooms are repaired, and the visitors have the opportunity to buy worry beads from the small shop.

The raw materials that are used can be real amber, amber-mastic, amber-faturan, black (yusuri), and red coral. There are also worry beads made out of ivory, bone, horn, ebony, and many more.

About Nafplion Komboloi Museum

Last updated: 13 Apr 2021

address Staikopoulou 25, Nafplio, 211 00, Greece