Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

Nafplio Museum

The museum exhibits pottery, jewelry, and armors from ancient years. The museum itself is a Venetian building and it's located on Syntagma Square.

Since 1930, it is housed in one of the most well-preserved and beautiful structures of the Venetian era. The building of the museum is a trademark and a monument for the city Nafplion itself, while it was erected as a naval warehouse by Augustine Sagredo in 1713.

The exhibitions of the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio come from excavations made by the Archaeological Agency, the Archaeological Company, and Archaeological schools from all over the world, as well as donations from private collections.

The exhibits of the museum cover a large period of time. Many of them refer to the Prehistoric era, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, and the Copper era. They come from excavations in areas like the cave of Phrahthi and Kefalari, Dendra, Midea, Naflia, Tirintha, Asini, Prosimna-Bermpati, and Kazarma. The newer exhibition includes more than 1500 new exhibits found in other excavations.

About Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

Last updated: 18 Sep 2020

address Syntagma Square, Nafplio, 231 00, Greece