Litochoro Maritime Museum

Litochoro Museum

In this museum visitors can learn about the long maritime heritage of the city and touching stories of seamen and ships.

Litochoro is a small town built on the foothills of Mount Olympus with 7.000 people living permanently. It is located 300 meters above sea level and althoug it is considered as the gateway to Mount Olympus, it has a long naval tradition since, in the past, its inhabitants developed a great nautical activity.

Thus, since 2004 the Maritime Museum of Litochoro that is housed in a municipal building, is open to the public and through a great number of exhibits present the nautical history and heritage of the city. The visitor has the opportunity to join a guided tour and among others get information about the local ship manufacturing through the centuries.

The exhibits that compose the permanent collection of the museum come mostly from donations from local sailor families. Parallel to that the museum hosts periodical maritime exhibitions that include wooden ship models and many more.

About Litochoro Maritime Museum

Last updated: 23 Jul 2020

address Agiou Nikolaou 15, Litochoro, 602 00, Greece