Archaeological Museum of Komotini

Komotini Museum

Want to see the golden bust of Emperor Septimius Severus? It's housed in this small museum that displays exhibits mostly from 1000 BC to 300 AD.

The golden bust of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus is one of the exhibits of the Archaeological Museum of Komotini.
photo: Ggia / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Archaeological Museum of Komotini is open to the public since 1976 and it is located in the city center of the city. The building that hosts it, is considered as one with the most modern constructions of the city. It is a result of the work of the architect Aris Konstantinidis that is characterized by the use of geometrical shapes, large windows and natural materials.

The various exhibits of the museum follow a chronological order and involve local excavation collections. The main exhibition of the museum includes exhibits from the Neolithic Age as well as from the Iron Age. Additionally, there are plenty of findings from Greek colonies, Roman settlements, and burial grounds. All those depict the Greek civilization existence at the northmost coastline of Aegean, and the evolutionary process of culture and arts at the broader area.

The museum is easily accessible for people with disabilities.

About Archaeological Museum of Komotini

Last updated: 4 Sep 2020

address Simeonidou 4, Komotini, 691 00, Greece