Tower Clock (Yeni Mosque)

Komotini Attraction

Ottoman clock tower, gift of Sultan Abdul Hamid II to the town of Komotini. It stands next to the mosque and it's the town's landmark.

A close-up of the Clock Tower of Komotini one of the landmarks of the city.
photo: Vsilverson

The Clock Tower of Komotini is located in the city center, next to the Yeni Mosque (Yeni Tzami as it is called in Greek). It is a building of the 19th century and in the Turkish language it is called "Saat Kule". More specifically, the Clock Tower was built in 1884 as a prayer tribute of Sultan Abdul Hamid and it is adjacent to the mausoleum of Fatma Khanum, the wife of Vizier Hassan Pasha.

Architectonically it includes neoclassical influences. And for this reason, it is considered as a sample of Ottoman modernization. After a series of works and renovations that took place in 2018, the clock is ringing again announcing the time to the whole city between 06:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. Parallel to that, it is illuminated during the darker hours of the day in order to be visible for greater distances.

About Tower Clock (Yeni Mosque)

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Ermou, Komotini, 691 00, Greece