Rockwave Festival, TerraVibe Malakasa

Festival between Eretria Evia and Athens

A few kilometers out of Athens, this rock music festival attracts world-class famous bands. It is the biggest music festival in Greece.

Crowd in front of the stage of the Rockwave Festival at TerraVibe park in Malakasa.
photo: Thaliapap

The Rockwave Festival is the biggest music festival in Greece and one of the most significant in the area of Southern Europe. It dates since 1996 but since 2004 it takes place in Terra Vibe park of Attica which is a large-scale venue used for outdoor events, such as concerts and festivals.

The park is open since 2004 and it is situated in Malakasa, a region 37 km away from Athens, on the way to Lamia city. The location is very large, while the stages cover an area of almost 400 square meters. The festival takes place every year in July and lasts for approximately 4 days.

There are two main stages where bands from all over the world, as well as solo musicians, present their work, with an emphasis on rock music. The contemporary digital systems for sound, lights, and screens make the whole concert a great experience.

About Rockwave Festival, TerraVibe Malakasa

Last updated: 1 Aug 2020

address Malakasa, Oropos, 190 11, Greece