Navarinou Square

Point of interest in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia

The ancient square that connects the monuments of the city's Roman complex, and serves today as a vivid meeting spot with a unique atmosphere.

Navarinou Square is located at the center of Thessaloniki, it connects Kamara and Egnatia street with Tsimiski street and it is very close to Rotonda and Arch of Galerius. Actually, it's the area that connects those monuments with the infrastructures of the palace of Galerius that were also situated here. The square also is beside today's "Hippodrome Square" which refers to the ancient site of Hippodrome, famous for the Massacre of Thessaloniki that took place under the rule of Theodosius.

The potential visitor can admire the ruins of the Galerius palace that was located here, but unfortunately, only a small part is saved because during the ‘50s and ‘60s the construction of large buildings around destroyed, or totally covered, the ruins of the palace. The contemporary name of the square refers to the recent history of Greece and the Battle of Navarino which was a crucial battle during the Greek War of Independence.

The square is considered as an alternative site with a unique notion where a great variety of people that hang out and locals meet each other. A mixture of students, street artists, and relatively older people, creates a very interesting atmosphere. Navarinou is also well-known for the crepes with sweet or salty fillings that are considered to be the best in town.

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Last Update: 16 Dec 2020
address Navarinou Square, Thessaloniki 546 22, Greece