Aristotelous Square

Attraction in Thessaloniki

The main square of Thessaloniki and its surrounding buildings introduced a new type of European architecture to the city.

Aristotelous Square is the largest square in Thessaloniki. It is additionally one of the largest and most impressive squares in Greece, while it is one of the absolute trademarks of the second-largest city in the country.

When Aristotelous Square was constructed?

It took its current form after the fire of 1917 which was almost a total disaster for the biggest part of the city. The square was designed by the French architect Ernest Hébrand in 1918. Architecturally, the site includes several Venetian, Byzantine, and even Arabic elements while it reached its final shape after the reconstructions of 1960. The most recent restoration took place in 2000.

The impressive buildings of the square offer its special architectural notion. The most famous among them is the Olympion Theater that hosts the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki and the Electra Palace Hotel that is famous for its roof garden with an amazing view.

Where is Aristotelous Square located?

Aristotelous is located at the central core and at the same time reaches "Leoforo Nikis" (Nike's Avenue) that runs parallel to the seaside promenade of the city. While from the square someone can admire an extraordinary view of the Thermaikos Gulf and sometimes based on the weather circumstances to the snowy slopes of Mount Olympus.

Over the decades, Aristotelous Square played an active role in city life with numerous sociopolitical perspectives. It is the place that hosts political speeches, rallies, festivals, cultural events, and other celebrations. Parallel to that, it is a spot that serves as a meeting point and offers moments of relaxation and recreation to the inhabitants and the visitors of Thessaloniki.

About Aristotelous Square

Last updated: 14 Apr 2021

address Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki, 546 24, Greece
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