Aristotelous Square

Thessaloniki Attraction

Thessaloniki's showcase square is a place for coffee, dining, and shopping, often with an exceptional sunset. Start or finish your walk here.

Dedicated to the famous philosopher Aristotle, Aristotelous Square is the largest and most elegant square of Thessaloniki. You usually find it full of people roaming around, enjoying a coffee, playing with children, or shopping. It’s a great place to finish a walk along Thessaloniki’s waterfront promenade.

The history of Aristotle’s square

The square took its current form after French architect Ernest Hébrand redesigned it in 1918. The year before, the Great Thessaloniki Fire burned down most of the city, clearing space for a concept square. The architect’s initial plan was far greater than its contemporary appearance of Venetian, Byzantine, and Arabic styles.

What is interesting about Aristotelous Square and why should I go there?

It is a popular meeting point with cinemas, shops, and cafeterias.

Among the square’s most famous inhabitants are Aristotle’s statue, the Olympion Theater that hosts the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, and an old-classic hotel, the Electra Palace, which has a roof garden with a fantastic view.

Over decades, Aristotelous square has witnessed many sociopolitical events. It is a usual venue for festivals and cultural events, the Christmas nativity, and political rallies.

What to do in Aristotelous Square?

After enjoying the breathtaking view of the hopefully snowy slopes of Mount Olympus, turn your back on Olympus and head up. Have a coffee or pastry at any place you see locals choose. Other options include visiting the Modiano and Kapani Covered Markets and restaurants around Kapani.

A recommended short walk starts at the seafront. Stroll your way through the square into Venizelos park, then go around the Roman Forum, and finish at Thessaloniki’s Patron Church, St Demetrios. An itinerary laid with excellent picture opportunities.

About Aristotelous Square

Last updated: 14 Apr 2021

address Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki, 546 24, Greece
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