Spetses Museum (Chatzigiannis-Mexis Mansion)

Spetses Museum

Impressive mansion hosting a museum with interesting artifacts mostly from the 1821 War of Independence. Most items do not have information in English.

The exterior entrance and a part of the building that hosts the museum of Spetses.
photo: SpetsesDirect

It is housed in a charming villa of the 18th century, the former residence of Chatzigiannis-Meksis, one of the benefactors of the island and a great supporter of the War of Independence. It was built in 1798, consisting of two floors and having arched arcades on the front.

It displays exhibits that reflect 4.000 years of history of the island including the early Greek period, the Classical era, and the Roman and Byzantine years. Among the artifacts, someone can see religious objects, traditional clothes, and objects, and tools of everyday use.

There is also a large collection of exhibits from the War of Independence of 1821, such as the Flag of Revolution, the weapons of the most important Generals and Admirals of the war, and the relics of Laskarina Bouboulina, one of the most important women of the War of Independence.

A large part of the exhibits of the museum comes from the private collection of Adonis Kyros, who gave them as a gift to the museum iso more people would have the opportunity to see them.

About Spetses Museum (Chatzigiannis-Mexis Mansion)

Last updated: 18 Aug 2020

address Spetses, 180 50, Greece
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