Rhodes Attractions

Rhodes Attractions


Harbor's War Memorial

A rock-carved monument that honors the liberation the island (and the whole Dodecanese) from the Italians on May 8, 1945.


Symi Clock Tower

At the entrance of the natural harbor, there is a Clock Tower is the jewel of the crown. You look around you and see only beauty.


Evaggelistria (Annunciation) Church

Symi's church of Annunciation has some of the most elegant hagiography in the country. It also has majestic views of the village and the sea.


Old Medieval Town of Rhodes

One of the oldest medieval towns of Europe, this place has been continuously inhabited until today. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Relief of a Rhodian Galley

At the entrance of Lindos acropolis, you find an impressive relief of an ancient Rhodian galley of the 3rd century BC. A touching piece of history.


Mandraki Marina (Old Port)

Where Rhodes' Colossus once stood, today two deer statues welcome boats into the port. It's also where day trips to small islands and Symi start.


Palace of the Grand Master

Rhodes Town

The Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John built this massive Gothic castle in the 14th century. The Ottomans sieged it in 1522.


Acropolis of Lindos

The 116 meter high citadel of Lindos' hosts an ancient temple of Athena. The fortifications were further developed in medieval times.

A picture showing the Fort of St. Nicholas, at the port of Rhodes Town.
photo: Jebulon

Fort of St. Nicholas

Rhodes Town

Grand Master Zacosta built this Knight Fortress at the port between 1464-1467. A lighthouse was later added in the 17th century.


Knights of St. John Castle Ruins

The Castle of the Knights of St. John lies in ruins on top of a hill that has excellent views over the island. You can walk up and down or take the bus.


Tomb of Cleobulus of Lindos

An excellent 1h30 hike from Lindos to Cleobulus' tomb - the leader, poet, and one of antiquity's seven wise men. Prepare, have water, and avoid sunny hours.


Symi Mills (Pontikokastro)

Symi's old mills that are great photography material. Getting there is not difficult and the views are rewarding. Some mills have been turned into restaurants.


Ancient Theatre of Lindos

Lindos ancient theater has been carved into stone under the town;s acropolis. It had enough seats for 2000 spectators. It is not restored.

Remains of the temple of Apollo at the Acropolis of Rhodes on a grassy hill.
photo: Jebulon

Acropolis of Rhodes

Unfortified and located in one of the highest spots, it was an area with sanctuaries, temples, and underground worshiping places.

A centuries-old plane tree at Rodini park in the city of Rhodos.
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Rodini Park

Rhodes Town

This park was founded together with the city itself in 408 BC. Could this be the most ancient park in the world? Probably it is.