Dionysiou Monastery

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Having the form of a medieval castle, this monastery dominates over the coastal landscape. It's rich in relics and religious artifacts.

The Dionysiou Monastery is located in the southwest part of the peninsula of Mount Athos, between the monasteries of Gregoriou and St Paul (Pavlou). It is the fifth in hierarchy amongst the monasteries of Athos and it was founded in the 14th century, and more specifically in 1375 AD.

The founder of the monastery was Osios Dionysios, while the most important donor and supporter was the Emperor Alexios lll Great Komnenos. It is built on a very steep coastline rock 80 meters above sea level next to "Aeropotamos", and architecturally it reminds a tower castle.

During the centuries, the monastery had significant growth, but as expected, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman rule the monastery entered a period with financial problems and decline. During those years, the leaders of Moldovlachia with Greek origin helped the monastery through donations, helping its survival.

The main church of the monastery is dedicated to the Birth of John the Baptist and it was built between 1537 and 1547 when Matthew was abbot of the monastery.

In Dionysiou, there are 14 small churches and among them, the guest can visit the church of Our Lady of the Akathistos Hymn. There the icon of the same name is housed, an invaluable religious treasure that was made out of wax and gum (mastiha) by Evangelist Luke.

The guests of the monastery can admire the murals from 1547 that represent scenes from the Revelation as well as visit the library. The monastery hosts currently approximately 55 monks that live there permanently.

About Dionysiou Monastery

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Moni Dionysiou, Mount Athos, 630 86, Greece
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