Mount Athos Attractions

Picture listening to orthodox chanting over a misty cliff overseeing the sea at sunrise. Mount Athos monasteries give you such captivating moments...

Mount Athos Attractions


Philotheou Monastery

Located in Mount Athos mainland on a spot of natural beauty among the dense vegetation, Philotheou Monastery is run by 70 monks.


Vatopedi Monastery

The second in the hierarchy, this monastery of the north-east Athos has a long history and attracts many guests.

A picture of the Iviron monastery, the vegetable gardens, and other facilities within a landscape of dense vegetation.
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Iviron Monastery

Third in hierarchy this impressive monastery hosts numerous invaluable relics and pieces of ecclesiastical art and other religious treasures.

A picture showing the exterior of the buildings that compose the defensive walls of the monastery of Hilandari.
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Hilandar (Chilandari) Monastery

Within the dense vegetation of Athos mainland, it is the religious center of Serbian Orthodoxy, and home to about 70 monks.

A picture of Dionysiou from the sea showing the architecture of the monastery built on the rock.
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Dionysiou Monastery

Having the form of a medieval castle, this monastery dominates over the coastal landscape. It's rich in relics and religious artifacts.

The Monastery of Pantokratoros and its chapels are built by the coastline.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Pantokratoros Monastery

Being the 7th in the hierarchical ranking, this monastery and its chapels house 80 monks and also a rare full body hagiography of Virgin Mary.

A photo of the exterior of Zografou Monastery as it is surrounded by the dense mountainous vegetation.
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Zografos Monastery

Center of Bulgarian Orthodoxy hosting a mostly Bulgarian fraternity of 45 monks. It's located by dense forest.

The seafront, the churches, the facilities, and the dense vegetation in the background of Docheiariou Monastery.
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Docheiariou Monastery

A coastline Byzantine monastery that attracts thousands of pilgrims and is famous for the hagiography of Virgin Mary, the "Gorgoepikoos".

The outer walls and the defensive tower of Karakallou Monastery with the deep blue sea in the background.
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Karakalou Monastery

In the form of a medieval castle and located in the middle of an untouched forest, this monastery has many relics and part of the Holy Cross.

A picture of the impressive Simonos Petras Monastery that is literally built on the rock.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Simonopetra Monastery

One of the most impressive monasteries, it is built on a rock surrounded by gardens, and is considered an architectural masterpiece.

The main church (katholiko) in the inner yard of Agiou Pavlou Monastery.
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St. Paul Monastery

The monastery of Saint Paul has a long history that sometimes brought it to the edge of total destruction and oblivion. It's close to Mount Athos itself.


Stavronikita Monastery

Located on the east coast of Mount Athos, it is well-known for its robust defensive architecture, and its amazing sea-view.

A picture of Xenophontos Monastery taken from the sea showing the seafront and the dense vegetation in the background.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Xenophontos Monastery

The west coast of Mount Athos hosts the monastery that stands out for its two main churches dedicated to Saint George. It was built around 998AD.

A view of Osiou Gregoriou Monastery built on a rock by the sea.
photo: Gabriel / CC BY 2.0
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Osiou Gregoriou Monastery

Built around 1310, it now has around 100 monks. It hosts relics and hagiography of historical value and a small cave where the founding monk used to live in.

A view of Saint Panteleimon Monastery which is located ον the coast of an area with dense vegetation.
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St. Panteleimon Monastery

It becomes quickly clear to the visitor that this is a Russian monastery. The architecture, language, rituals, and the monks themselves are from Russia.


Konstamonitou Monastery

Hidden in the woods and with long history, this monastery offers its pilgrims and guests a journey through time. It's the last in hierarchy.

The inner yard of Koutloumousiou Monastery including a part of the main church and the surrounding facilities.
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Koutloumousiou Monastery

In a close distance from the capital of Mount Athos, Karyes, this monastery administrates a large part of the central Athos.


Esphigmenou Monastery

The monastic fraternity here exercises an uncompromising and zealous version of Christian Orthodox faith that's the strictest of all.

The inner yard of the Great Lavra Monastery with a crane at the background that helps at the renovation works.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0
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Great (Megistis) Lavra Monastery

This historical monastery heads the Mount Athos hierarchy and among twenty other monasteries, it's "the First".


Xeropotamou Monastery

Located almost in the middle of Mount Athos, it stands out for its rich library and numerous heirlooms, including a piece of the Holy Cross.


Byzantine Tower of Prosphorion

The 12th century Byzantine tower at the seafront is now Ouranoupoli's landmark. You can enter the building and learn more.

The remains and the main entrance of the main church of the ancient monastery of Zygos.
photo: Knop92

Zygou Monastery (Ruins)

An ancient monastery of Mount Athos that was abandoned at the beginning of the 12th century. It's close to a nice beach, so maybe you combine them?