Docheiariou Monastery

Mount Athos Attraction

A coastline Byzantine monastery that attracts thousands of pilgrims and is famous for the hagiography of Virgin Mary, the "Gorgoepikoos".

The monastery of Doheiariou is located on the west coast of the Athos peninsula, between the monasteries Xenofontos and Konstamonitou.

The majority of hand scripts that have references of the monastery put its foundation around 1030-1032. The founder is considered to be the monk Daniel of Doheiariou. According to tradition though, this monastery was co-founded by St Efthymios, student of St Athanasius the Athonite. The main benefactor and supporter of the monastery was the Byzantine emperor Michael the Seventh Doukas, who was emperor between 1071 and 1078. He supported in many ways the consolidating of the monastery and its establishment amongst other monasteries.

The main church of the monastery was built in 1568 with money donated by Ioannis Lapousneanu and it was dedicated to archangels Michael and Gabriel. The murals of the church are made by the famous Cretan painter Tzotzis and the faithful can also worship the miracle-performing icon of the Virgin Mary the "Gorgoepikoos" that literally means "She who is Quick to Hear".

The main church is the largest in the whole of Mount Athos while the library includes many scripts from the 3rd century BC until today. The monastery hosts approximately 50 monks and a number of temporary visitors who contact the monastery and book their accommodation in advance.

About Docheiariou Monastery

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Moni Docheiariou , Mount Athos, 630 87, Greece
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