Chora of Kythira

Kythira Settlement

The main settlement of the island has typical Greek-style architecture, and offers outstanding views and a relaxed atmosphere.

Built on a hill at the southern part of the island, the capital of Kythera, Chora and its Venetian castle are the most important sights of the island. Most of the houses are built following the Aegean and Cycladic architectural style but there are also many houses built with influences from the Venetian or English architecture. Chora has two squares: the first is where all public services, banks, and the City Hall are located while the second is the Square of Jesus Crucified. At the Square of Jesus Crucified during 1799 French who had occupied the island, proclaimed the principles of the French Revolution, restored democracy, and burned LibroD’Oro, the formal directory of nobles in the Republic of Venice. In this way, they gave equal rights to all the citizens. The visitor can walk in the small, narrow streets of Chora, surrounded by white houses and visit the Venetian castle with the temple built in the 16th century.

About Chora of Kythira

Last updated: 8 Aug 2020

address Chora, Kythira, 801 00, Greece
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