Kapsali, Kythira

Kythira Settlement

Less than 2 kilometers away from Chora is the port of Kythira. Nightlife here is lively and tavernas offer exceptional food.

The closest port of the Chora (largest village) of Kythira is probably one of the most vivid spots on the island and gathers the majority of the tourists. The houses are built around two gulfs, where the visitor can find two great beaches with water sports and a marina.

In the village there are many hotels and rooms fully equipped for pleasant vacations, restaurants, and bars. On the east side of the port, someone can see the lighthouse built in 1853 and at Egremos there is the monastery of Agios Ioannis (Saint John).

About Kapsali, Kythira

Last updated: 7 Jan 2021

address Kapsáli, Kythira, 801 00, Greece
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