Chora Kythera Castle

Kythira Attraction

Well-preserved Venetian fortification that was built initially in the 13th century and was restructured in the 16th century with astonishing views.

On the island of Kythira, there are many medieval castles that reveal the long history of the island, as well as the, conquers, the sieges, and the battles that happened during the centuries.

Probably the most important castle on the island is the one located in Chora. It is called "Fortetsa" and according to the researchers it was built in the 13th century. The castle is actually situated on a great, strategic spot as from there the Venetians could observe all ships that were sailing towards or from Crete.

About Chora Kythera Castle

Last updated: 8 Aug 2020

address Chora, Kythira, 801 00, Greece
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