Ziakas Stone Bridge

Attraction near Grevena (18km ≈ approx.)

A stone-built two-arched bridge of Grevena, like the nearby village, got its name from a hero of the Greek War of Independence.

The nearby village of Ziakas, which also bears the name of the hero and chief of the Greek struggle of Independence, consists of the settlements of Ziakas, Krya Vrysi or Tista and Perivolaki or Pipinitsa, while the settlements are built at an altitude of about 900 meters.

Which "old - highway" served the Ziakas Bridge?

The bridge was built during the Turkish occupation and its large arch reaches a height of 7.5 meters. Under the bridge passes the Velonias river, while through the bridge passed the so-called "Royal Road", a large trade road that connected the area with the region of Thessaly.

The landscape becomes more impressive from the presence of Orliakas mountain, which is 1433 meters high and stands out for the steep cliffs, which host prey birds and other animals. The vegetation of the mountain consists mainly of firs, oaks, black pines, and beeches, while at a lower altitude there are lindens, skulls, boxwoods, elms, poplars, wild cherries, cedars, wild pears, ferns, maples, and many others.

One of the most beautiful time of the year for a visit is autumn, as the falling leaves of the deciduous trees compose a unique multicolored landscape.

About Ziakas Stone Bridge

Last updated: 17 Apr 2021

address Zakas Grevena, 511 00, Greece