Küçük Hasan Mosque

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The Islamic monument stands on the old port. It's a window in the city's Ottoman past. Locally referred with its Turkish name as "Giali Tzamisi".

The mosque of Kuchuk Hasan (Giali Tzamisi) is a typical Islamic building of the Renaissance, built during the second half of the 17th century. It was built to honor the memory of the first garrison commander of Chania, Kutsuk Hasan. While it is also called the "Mosque of the Janissaries".

The mosque is a cubic building covered with a large hemispherical cupola, supported by four ornated arches made of stone. The north and west side of the mosque have an arcade with six small cupolas. Kutsuk Hasan mosque, or Giali Tzamisi, was designed by an Armenian architect who also designed another one in the village Spaniakos.

In the courtyard of the mosque there were palm trees and graves of Pashas and Janissaries. It stopped operating as a mosque in 1923 and now is restored and used as a venue for cultural events.

About Küçük Hasan Mosque

Last updated: 16 Jul 2020

address Sourmelis 18, Chania, 731 32, Greece
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