Cathedral of Chania (Trimartiri)

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The main church of Chania that during the centuries has accompanied the life and the history of the city, is hosted in a structure of 1860.

The church of the Presentation of Mary (Panagia Trimartiri) was built sometime during the 14th century. Two centuries later, and more specifically in 1645, the temple was turned into a soap factory but the initial design of the building stayed the same.

Many years after that, the soap factory closed and the building was abandoned. When Mustafa became the governor of Crete locals asked him to give the building and turn it back to church. Thus, Mustafa gave the building to the Christian community.

The building of the new church was finished in 1860 ft the architectural pattern of a basilica with a raised middle aisle covered by a pointed arch. The architectural characteristics have many references to the Venetian style. The east side of the temple has many drawings of saints, made by famous artists, like Kalliterakis, Stavrakis, Tripolitakis, and Kokotsis.

The church has played a very important role in significant historical events and has been a refuge for people during revolutions and battles. It was severely damaged by the Nazi’s bombings during the Second World War, in May 1941.

About Cathedral of Chania (Trimartiri)

Last updated: 26 Apr 2021

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