Rich in activities and day trip options, this town is built amphitheatrically on a hill. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind Mediterranean and African landscape.

Sitia Things to Do

Picture taken at the area of Kapsa Monastery that depicts the Perivolakia gorge.
distant ≈ 29.8km
needs caution

Perivolakia (Kapsa) Gorge

A demanding 1h30 hike on a well-marked path with vertiginous heights while vultures fly above your head. Extra care needed.

The entrance of the Zakros Gorge with a wooden sign writing «Dead's Gorge Entrance».
distant ≈ 24.4km
needs caution

Zakros Gorge (Gorge of the Dead)

Minoans were burying their dead in this gorge. The walk is 70 minutes, and there is a restaurant in the end. You can go back walking or with a bus.

A pond created by the waters of Richtis in the homonymous gorge.
photo: KODR / CC BY 3.0
needs caution

Richtis Gorge & Waterfall

Crossing it from the beach it takes an hour and a half but to add difficulty start from the other entrance. Cool off at the waterfall.

A part of the facilities of the Kapsa monastery with the great view of the Libyan Sea in the background.
distant ≈ 30.1km

Kapsa Monastery

Dedicated to St John the Baptist, this otherworldly monastery was founded in the 15th century on a steep rocky slope overlooking the Lybian Sea.


Toplou Monastery

Founded in the 14th century in a wild and deserted landscape, Toplou Monastery stands out for its 33-meters tall bell tower behind its high walls.

Sitia Attractions


Archeological Site of Minoan Petras

Coastal Minoan settlement with evidence of habitation that dates from 3500 BC. Like all other Minoan towns, it was destroyed in 1450.

A photo of the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Zakros on Crete.
photo: Vladimír Držík
distant ≈ 26.2km

Minoan Palace of Zakros

With one of the four Minoan palaces on Crete, this settlement grew in size to become an administrative center and the chief eastern port.


Kazarma Fortress

Venetian castle built in the 13th century. Its name comes from Italian for armory: "Casa di Arma". Better visit this in the morning to avoid heat and sun.


Promenade of Sitia

Wander about on Sitia's promenade and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. You will most probably end up drinking ice-cold coffee and eating some excellent dishes.

Sitia Why visit?

  • Home of Myson, one of antiquity's seven sages.
  • Ancient town Itia is still to be discovered.
  • During Roman times, Itia's inhabitants moved to Sitia.

Sitia Museums


Archaeological Museum of Sitia

Totally underrated museum with an exhibition of findings covering a period of approximately 4000 years, from 3500 BC to 500 AD.


Folk Historical Museum of Sitia

The Folklore Museum of Sitia hosts utensils and tools of eclipsed professions, as well as handicrafts and clothing from the past few centuries.

Sitia Beaches

An overview of the Vai Beach and Palm forest on the island of Crete.
distant ≈ 21.4km

Vai Beach & Palm Grove

A palm forest in Greece? Of course. The diversity of Greek landscape is surprising. In Vai you will meet a completely non-European scenery.

Sitia Festivals

Kornaria Summer Festival

Dedicated to the 14th century poet Vitsentzos Kornaros, native of Sitia, it celebrates with concerts and dances, theater plays, and exhibitions.