Plaka Neighborhood of Athens

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The oldest district in island architecture of the last century is characterized by its village-like environment, tranquility, and great tavernas.

A street with colorful houses in the old traditional district of Plaka in central Athens.
photo: JFKennedy

Plaka is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Athens. It is situated next to the hill of Acropolis and for this reason, it is also called "The district of the Gods". Its location together with excavations certifies that it is an area that is inhabited since prehistoric times. The name is also related to that since it derives from the Arvanite word "plake" which means "old woman".

It offers a unique experience to every single visitor since the preserved buildings and the narrow streets compose an atmosphere similar to this existing in Athens a hundred years ago. Today it hosts a few inhabitants that live permanently here and is mainly transformed into an entertainment and tourist destination.

The region was proclaimed traditional and preserved after World War II and today many of them are housing cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and houses of important Greek families. In Plaka you can also find the neighborhood "Anafiotika", built by citizens of the Cycladic island Anafi who moved to Athens and the architecture is the same as in any island of the Cyclades.

About Plaka Neighborhood of Athens

Last updated: 17 Feb 2021

address Plaka, Athens, 105 58, Greece
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