Lycabettus Hill

Attraction in Athens

This characteristic 277-meters hill in Athens offers a great view over the Athenian city landscape and is topped by a monastery and a viewpoint yard.

A panoramic view of the hill of Lycabettus among the buildings of the city of Athens.
photo: Graham-H

Lycabettus is a hill in Athens, while at its foothills is located a neighborhood that bears the same name. It is considered one of the most romantic places in the whole city and it definitely offers the best view of Athens.

The hill is covered by pine trees around its base, while closer to the top the limestone dominates. Its top reaches 300 meters above sea level, while according to mythology Lycabettus was a large rock carried by the goddess Athena. This rock, fall from her hands when she heard some bad news brought to her by a crow.

Someone can reach the peak of the hill by walking a rather steep but nice route of 45 minutes or take the funicular railway, the start of which is located at the end of Ploutarxou street at Kolonaki area.

Undoubtedly, Lycabettus is an oasis of green within the dense architectonic structure of the city of Athens. This fact makes its role even more significant given that its vegetation works as an "air cleaner", and it always offers a cooler mictoclimate, especially during the hot summer.

The top of the hill offers a great view of the city of Athens while there is also a restaurant and cafeteria and the little church of Agios Georgios (St. George) The other side of the hill hosts a theatre where, during summer, many plays and concerts are taking place. Thus, Lycabettus hill is an ideal destination for a walk, a place of cultural events, as well as a spot to have a great meal with a great view.

About Lycabettus Hill

Last updated: 16 Apr 2021

address Lycabettus Hill, Athens, 114 71, Greece
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