Technopolis of Gazi

Experience in Athens

Contemporary cultural complex in an formerly industrial area of Athens center, popular thanks to the number and variety of events hosted here.

Technopolis is a famous cultural venue and an industrial museum of the city of Athens. It is located in the factory area of Athens Gas that ceased its operations in 1984. The complex was inaugurated in 2013 while it is dedicated to the great Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis that bears also his name.

Some of the abandoned industrial facilities have been preserved and they compose an artistic environment that includes exhibition spaces, conference venues, and other halls for cultural events.

Each year it hosts hundreds of events, concerts, and performances that attract spectators from different age groups and backgrounds. It is also well-known for periodic exhibitions that involve subjects like innovation, entrepreneurship, and development. All those different events attract more than 600,000 visitors on an annual basis.

About Technopolis of Gazi

Last updated: 17 Feb 2021

address Gazi, Athens, 118 54, Greece
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