White Pegasus Horse Ride

Entertainment near Zagori (7.6km ≈ approx.)

Horses graze on a meadow located on a plateau of the Pindus area.
photo: White Pegasus

Exploring the rural aspect of the Ioannina region and coming closer to nature, through the alternative perspective of horse riding.

Until some decades ago, people of the region of Ioannina were keen on using horses for transportation and agricultural purposes.

Although horses are not used in agriculture anymore, there are many farms with horses near the city as well as the villages of Ioannina.

The visitors are welcome to participate in excursions or talk to farm owners and arrange to ride one of the horses for some hours. The organized excursions can variate including routes of 30, 45 minutes, or even 7 hours.

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Last Update: 21 Jul 2020
address Megalo Papigko, Papigko 440 06, Greece
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