Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos beaches have a pattern: forests by the sea and trees touching the crystal-clear azure waters, and so, lots of natural shade. Find your own spot!

A boat full of people is approaching the port of Skiathos.
photo: kdask / CC BY 2.0

Skiathos Beaches

The sea arch of Lalaria beach behind scattered boulders and rocks in the turquoise sea.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Lalaria Beach

Accessible only by boat, Lalaria is a pristine beach with crystal-clear waters, scattered rocks, and a sea arch. Enjoy the trip!


Mikros Aselinos Beach

Another dreamy beach without crowds on the northern side. Wild rocks on the sides and sand in the middle. A cute resto-café will keep you fed.


Kastro Beach

Kastro is close to Skiathos' Byzantine castle, hence the name. Rock is king. It's a beach with crags, boulders, and rocks, and a tavern made of stone.


Tsougria Beach

Tsougrias Islet

A sandy beach wraps Tsougkria, the uninhabited islet close to Skiathos, and woods cover the rest. Idyllic with a tropical feel. Excursion opp.


Koukounaries Beach

Superb beach at Koukounaries, the Pine Trees, with a small lake and woods nearby. Clear waters. Watersports. It gets busy.

Lined-up beach umbrellas and sunbeds with a green and rocky hill in the background, at Mandraki Beach, Skiathos.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Mandraki Beach

Mandraki is a long beach with clean waters and exceptional views to Mount Pelion as well as good sunsets. A beach bar offers some services.

Elia Beach sandwiched between a green rise and azure sea, and people sunbathing.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Elia Beach

Arriving at the Olive Tree Beach, the green subshrubs scenery transitions into a golden sandy beach and azure breaking waves. Go prepared.


Krifi Ammos Beach

The Secret Sands Beach, or Krifi Ammos, is on a crescent-moon bay accessible through a dirt path. Calm and pristine - a nature lovers.


Megas Gialos Beach

The more difficult to reach, the more pristine. Megas Gialos, meaning Big Beach in Greek, attracts adventure seekers, naturists, and nature lovers.


Sklithri Beach

A beautiful narrow beach with a few anchored boats and a view of Tsougkrias island. A tavern serves exceptional food but some might find it pricey.

Waves pounding the rocks and a piece of Small Banana beach' sand at the foot of a green hill in Skiathos.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Small Banana Beach

In time, the innocently-named Small Banana beach became the nudists' favorite. It enjoys the same natural wealth and seascape as Banana beach.


Agistros Beach

Remote and serviced only by a small tavern, Agistros Beach is a patch of white sand sandwiched between forest and green sea. Pleasing views.


Ligaries Beach

Getting here requires a big car or jeep. Check hiking options too. It's remote, quiet, almost untouched, Ligaries is for nature lovers.


Troulos Beach

Troullos is a fantastic beach with natural shade and a beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds. Enjoy the clear waters in a peaceful ambience.


Agia Paraskevi Beach

It funnily translates into Santa Friday but it's good all days of the week. Not crowded but with facilities. Exceptional sand, waters.. experience.


Maratha Beach

An astounding beach, at Maratha rent sunbeds and spend the day under natural shade, relaxing, swimming, and playing. Bonus: ducks and swans.

A green hill ending to a bay with green-blue sea and the Agia Eleni Beach where lines of sunbeds are spread out.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Agia Eleni Beach

A peaceful place that will captivate your heart with its gorgeous sunset. It's far from villages and tends to be calm. Astonishing!


Megalos Aselinos Beach

A wild-nature beach with basic services by a small tavern. Classic Skiathos scenery with forests touching the turquoise waters.

Grey rocks and boulders on the sand and in the sea at Xanemos Beach on Skiathos island.
photo: Public Domain

Xanemos Beach

Xanemos, the windy beach, is small, craggy, and loveable. Airplanes pass over your head, as it's inline with Skiathos airport's runway. No shade.

A bay with turquoise waters steeped in forest and tree branches leaning down above the sea at Diamandis Beach.
photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Diamandis Beach

Though Diamandis beach is fantastic but note that you need to reserve a spot for the beach bar-restaurant. Hard to access.


Achladies Beach

At the Pear Trees Beach, or Ahladies, bars offer loungers but you can also go self-prepared. A quiet beach in classic Skiathos' scenery.

Vromolimnos beach with all-shades-of-blue waters, a blooming hill, and a the lined-up loungers of a beach bar.
photo: pxhere

Vromolimnos Beach

The Dirtlake beach, or Vromolimnos, is not dirty at all. It is surrounded by blooming forest. It has a beach bar and watersports rentals.


Vasilias Beach

Vasilias is a pleasant sand-and-stones beach without much natural shade but with a beach bar that provides beach-umbrella shade.


Kolios Beach

Encased by forests, Mackerel beach, as it translates in English, has clear waters and great sand. Typical Skiathos. Beach bars and restaurants.

Aerial view of Banana bay beach shaped like a banana with a small speedboat moving towards the shore.
photo: dronepicr / CC BY 2.0

Banana Beach

A fantastic beach with watersports and exceptional beach bars. It could get busy in high season. On Google Maps, you find it as Mpanana beach.


Tzaneria Beach

Tzaneria is a sandy beach between lush-green capes. A bar offers luxurious sunbeds and the diving center exciting experiences.


Kanapitsa Beach

A great sandy beach enveloped in green hills and capes, and with views of nearby bays and rocky islets. Ideal for snorkeling.

A developed beach, the sea, and buildings, mostly hotels, on a green hill at Megali Ammos.
low rating

Megali Ammos Beach

Megali Ammos Beach is conveniently close to Skiathos town. It's a clean beach, with taverns and bars. A pleasant experience.