Xeropotamou Monastery

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Located almost in the middle of Mount Athos, it stands out for its rich library and numerous heirlooms, including a piece of the Holy Cross.

The yard of Xeropotamou monastery including the basin (fiali), a part of the main church, and the surrounding buildings.
photo: Aroche / CC BY-SA 3.0

The monastery of Xiropotamos is the eighth monastery in the hierarchical order of the monasteries of the Athos peninsula. It is located 45 minutes from Daphne the biggest port of the monastic state, through a very pleasant walk that is partly via a hiking path and partly on a cobbled road. Parallel to that, there is a car road as well.

The exact time of the founding of the monastery is not known but it is considered to be around the beginning of the 11th century. The founder was the monk Paul Xiropotaminos, a monk that lived in Athos during the time of St Athanasius the Athonite.

The peak of the monastery is linked with the period of power of Palaeologus, but it is worth mentioning that during the Ottoman rule it continued growing, having Sultan Selim the Second as a great donor and supporter. This came as a result after the victory of the Sultan against the Mamelucks of Tunis that was attributed to the miraculous appearance of the Forty Martyrs during the battle. Those are the Forty Martyrs who are the patrons of the monastery.

The guests have the opportunity to admire murals from 1783, as well as the only maquette of the main church in the whole Mount Athos. The most important relic that is kept in the monastery is the largest piece of the Holy Cross, that was a gift from the emperor Romanos the First.

The monastery has a brotherhood of approximately 25 monks and there is an opportunity for a certain number of guests to be accommodated after they contact the monastery and book in advance.

About Xeropotamou Monastery

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Moni Xiropotamou, Mount Athos, 630 86, Greece
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  • Dafni (Mount Athos) Port ≈ 2.1km