Osiou Gregoriou Monastery

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Built around 1310, it now has around 100 monks. It hosts relics and hagiography of historical value and a small cave where the founding monk used to live in.

A view of Osiou Gregoriou Monastery built on a rock by the sea.
photo: Gabriel / CC BY 2.0

On the southwest part of Agion Oros, and just between the monasteries of Simonos Petra and Dionysiou is located the monastery of Osiou Gregoriou. It is built by the sea and its architecture is in great harmony with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

It is the 17th monastery in the hierarchy of Mount Athos and it was founded in 1310 AD. The founder was Osios Gregorios, a student of St Gregorios the Sinait.

During its long history, it was attacked several times by pirates, with the most severe in the 15th century, which led to a period of decline. It recovered two centuries later, and only after the donations of leaders from Moldavia.

The Katholikon, the main church of the monastery, is dedicated to St Nikolaos and was built in 1768. The followed architecture is typical of Mount Athos and the walls were painted by the famous artists from Kastoria, Gabriel, and Gregorius. The monastery includes a library with 297 very important hand scripts and 4.500 printed books. While the pilgrims have the opportunity to find here a piece of the Holy Cross, and the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Odigitria (she who leads).

It is considered one of the most organized monasteries in Athos community and has 85 monks living permanently there.

About Osiou Gregoriou Monastery

Last updated: 24 Jul 2020

address Moni Osiou Grigoriou, Mount Athos, 603 86, Greece
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